Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reading-Post 1

Action Research Project Literature Review
Through EBSCO Host’s peer reviewed articles, this writer has been able to find a multitude of resources dealing with andragogy and student motivation in higher education. Below are listed four (4) of these articles.

Brown, K. M. (2006). Leadership for social justice and equity: Evaluating a
transformative framework and andragogy. Educational administrative
, 42(5), 700-745. doi: 10.1177/0013161X06290650

This article relates a study analyzing the concept of combining the theory of andragogy with strategies for social awareness. Findings from this study may prove beneficial to the AR project this writer is preparing.

Pew, S. (2009). Andragogy and pedagogy as foundational for student
motivation in higher education. InSight: A collection of faculty scholarship, 2, 14-25. Retrieved from

In assembling ideas for the AR Project, this writer plans on conducting research with adult learners at the college level. Consequently, it is crucial to understand and apply the theory of andragogy. This article appears to approach pedagogical research from an educator’s point of view when dealing with the adult learners in higher education.

Reggy-Mamo, M.A. (2008). An experiential approach to intercultural
education. 7
(2), 110-122. doi: 10.1080/15363750600586431

The population for this writer’s AR project will very likely be minority race oriented. This article appears to contain important insight for actively engaging all students. It may very well come in handy for developing a functional tutorial that will aid all students in their orientation process at this college.

Yoshimoto, K., Inenaga, Y., & Yamada, H. (2007). Pedagogy and
andragogy in higher education: A comparison between germany,
the uk and japan. 42
(1), 75-98. doi: 10.1111/j.1465-3435.2007.00289.x

This article contains charts and graphs comparing three countries and
the impact teaching adult learners while integrating the theory of
androgagy has on their learning outcome. It may be a very useful set
of information for analyzing the relevance of this writer’s intended
AR study.

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