Thursday, September 2, 2010


The Hybrid or Blended Learning feed contains articles regarding the integration of technology and online learning.  A portion of the Action Research project this writer is hoping to put together deals with engaging students through use of today's technology and it appears there are articles relating to this as well.

 Figure 1:  Creative Commons Image of Blended Learning Model

The Educause News feed contains a scholarly set of cutting edge articles for today's educators. As the Action Research project this writer is contemplating pertains to engaging today's educators, this series of feeds will be an invaluable resource.

Figure 2:  Creative Commons image of Educause Logo

The eLearning Technology feed appears to contain learning trends, useful ideas, and new tools.  Again, a current set of information regarding today's learners and the ever-changing trends and advances in technology that will engage learners.

Figure 3:  Creative Commons image of e-Learning model

The Social Media for Working & Learning feed chosen will serve to offer information on 'free and accessible' tools.  When dealing with today's economy and school budgets, it is crucial to have this type of information handy to pass along.  This feed should prove very useful.

Figure 4: Creative Commons images of Social Media

The Teachnology blog chosen appears to pull together what teachers are asking for in their real, classroom situations and how technology can fill that need.  Again, very useful for the topic of this writer's intended Action Research project.
  Figure 5: Creative Commons image of Learning Outcomes using Technology in Teaching

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