Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wk 4-#1Practical Exp-Flash Professional CS5

The tutorials for FLASH Professional CS5 animations projects begins with a Welcome video.  The Welcome video shares a general overview of some of the terms used in the program – including ‘motion presence’, ‘custom motion tweens’, ‘character animation’, ‘creating 3D animations’, and ‘action scripts’.  It also explains that Flash is used to create a web site and/or a Flash banner.  Having the exercise files would probably be a big advantage.  Watching the videos does give a general overview of the program.

Creating a file appears to be very easy by just clicking the space you want to work in from a template.  Adjusting the workspace size might be a little tricky – 

Screenshot from tutorial illustrating 'Changing the Workspace'.

but I can see where it can be done using the pull down Window menu, scrolling down to ‘Workspace’, and clicking the type of space you want to use (in the tutorial – they chose ‘Classic’). I do like having the tools on the left side of the workspace area, and choosing Classic moves the tools to the left side.  There seems to be lots of flexibility in the location of the side work panels.  Changing the size of the workspace seems a little tricky – I imagine it will take a little getting used to.

In a matter of a few seconds, Paul Trani, the author and presenter for this series of tutorials, creates the following Flash basic design using the drawing tools:

FLASH basic design by Paul Trani using the Drawing tools

Flash appears to be a very versatile tool and I am eager to continue with these tutorials.

More to come……………………..

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