Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EXTRA-iGoogle Screenshots

iGoogle on the Web is a customizable web site home page. One can put a variety of information directly on the iGoogle home page - surprisingly quickly!  The various pieces of information on the iGoogle homepage are known as mashup gadgets.  Screenshots allow users to quickly see information at a glance.   Taking a screenshot is easily accomplished with a MacBook Pro.  For the entire page, sequentially press and hold the following keys:  Command, Shift, 3.  Upon release of these three keys, a screen shot is placed on the MacBook Pro desktop.  The default format for this save is a .png.  Merely clicking the .png will appear as follows in one's blog:


which isn't of much use to the blog viewer who does not have access to the MacBook Pro desktop where the screenshot is saved.  Instead, using the link to import a photo on the blog's upper menu bar brings in the .png as seen below.

Figure 1. View of the home page when an iGoogle account is set up

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