Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wk4-#2Practical Exp-Google Apps: Docs Essential Training Certificate

In the process of honing in on the Web 2.0 tool to work on, I began and completed the Google Apps: Docs Essential Training series of tutorials given by Susan Cline. 
Certificate of Completion for Google Apps: Docs Essential Training, - 9/22/10

In this series, Ms. Cline shares how to organize and manage documents in the Doc list, Document Basics (including creating a new document, uploading files to the Google Doc, inserting special characters, using spell check and word count).  She continues by sharing the information on how to format documents (text, headings, bulleted and numbered lists, and bookmarks – to name a few).  She continues with how to insert and edit images, then onto sharing and collaborating. 

Next is the information Ms. Cline shared regarding Spreadsheets.  This includes creating a new spreadsheet, renaming, uploading, saving, formatting cells, resizing, adding columns and rows, freezing rows and columns, sorting data, adding formulas, using built-in functions, then working with Media and charts.  Using Google Forms was next, followed by presentation – including sharing, collaborating and presenting. 

Last came tutorials on the security features that Google Docs provides.

I wanted to complete this series of tutorials because I believe that I will be using Google Docs in some form for portions of my AR project.  It was worth the time to watch these tutorials.  I am sure I will be referring back to them quite a bit in the future.

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