Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wk3-Practical Exp-Captivate-5

For my Week 3 Practical Experience project, I have chosen to learn about Adobe's Captivate 5 program.  I will be using this program to build a tutorial for my Action Research Project.  This program is truly amazing!  The video I've created itemizes some of the features of this program. I am looking forward to preparing the tutorial using it!

This blog entry was very difficult to upload! I created the video in iMovie - saved it as a QuickTime file - and low and behold - it would not upload into Blogger.  The prompt kept coming up informing me that the file was corrupt.  I re-saved the iMovie as an mp4 and QuickTime again.  Each time - nothing would upload.  In desperation, I saved the mp4 to YouTube and imbedded the HTML code into Blogger - this is the version that you are now watching from Blogger.  I went back to iMovie - only to find that in spite of the fact that each iMovie project is SUPPOSED to be auto-saved, this movie was not.

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