Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The Web 2.0 tool I have chosen for this post is entitled Startups.

Web 2.0 Tool - Startup - Home Page

It is a free tool that primarily focuses on anyone who is trying to start up his or her own business.  The tool has gradually branched into offering assistance for small business owners who have start-up business questions.  A wiki ‘conversation’ page allows users to post their business question and receive answers from those in business fields who are members of the wiki, thus providing guidance and support.  

Screenshot of Startups Wiki page
This user-generated content makes the tool seem quite friendly.  The site also contains links to articles of interest.  Additionally, there is also a link to a recently produced YouTube business start-up video. The user can keep up with current posts through links to "Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and Google Bookmarks".

It appears that the latest update to this tool was completed on 12/29/09.  This does make me question whether the tool is as up-to-date as it could possibly be for users. 

I have chosen this tool for one basic reason.  My Action Research Project deals with adult learners who are pursuing their undergraduate degree.  These learners are encountering a job market that is highly competitive.  Many of these adult learners are trying to brush up on forgotten skills while honing in on new skills that will aid their job searches once they receive their undergraduate degree.  The idea of starting up their own business is one that I believe can help these adult learners/students with their job search.  No, it is not an easy task to accomplish. A versatile tool such as Startups does provide needed guidance.  

Overall, the Startups.com website provides business entrepreneurs valuable information, links out, and a forum for questions.


  1. Again, a post with perfect timing. As we gear up with project based learning, I have begun the yearbook process with a new group of students who have no technology skills to speak of (but I can teach them those), some design skills (but great imagination), and NO business skills. We are in an environment of little money and even less interest in a yearbook. But still, I need to teach all of the creative skills as well as job skills. We do not have a marketing or Deca program to fall back on and I love that you have found this site. Although you are using it for adult learners, it has valuable tools for all people who have an interest in business, are considering their own, or simply want to learn. They need to learn marketing, sales, money management and the use of basic business tools. This is a wonderful starting place and one that I think we will be able to use.

  2. This is such an interesting site! I didn't realize that help like this existed. I think that it is a great resource to pass along to the Full Sail Entertainment Business students. I know that a lot of them have aspirations of starting their own business, and this will be just the kind of go-to resource they may need. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Karol,

    YES - you are SO right! Instilling business skills is not just for adult learners! Students of ALL ages can benefit from networking and learning what it takes to succeed in the world of business. And, of course, business doesn't necessarily mean a Wall Street type of business - music is a business as well as marketing is a business.
    Thanks so much for broadening the scope of who can actually use this tool!

  4. Maia,

    Thank you for your comment - it is RIGHT on the money (no pun intended!) The Entertainment Business is a tough market - there are a lot of wrong turns that can be made. Having a network, such as the one this site provides, might just be the 'hook' that keeps the Entertainment Business entrepreneur on track.
    Thanks for pointing that out!!

  5. You've got a great find here! Over the years, I became accustomed to friends and family calling my home with computer related questions for my ex-husband who is in the IT field. If they were program specific, he would often defer them my way. Now that I'm part of the Full Sail program, I'm the one getting phone calls. I will be so pleased to pass this information along.

  6. Janice,

    Yes, you are so right! This program offers a great opportunity to network and jointly problem solve! As the adage goes 'two heads are better than one'! Thanks for your comments!