Friday, September 3, 2010

BP2_iGoogle Screenshots

Screenshot #1-iGoogle Home Page
Screenshot #1 represents this writer's iGoogle Home Page. The pull down menu on the left contains links to locations on the Web via the following: a Facebook gadget, a Twitter gadget, and the To Do list.  Additionally, this menu contains links for YouTube, the Date & Time, Weather (for a specific location), Gmail, Google Reader, LinkedIn, Box of Links and the My Listy link.  
Screenshot #2-iGoogle FSO 
Screenshot #2 depicts this writer's FSO tab.  On it, one sees links to the following:  this writer's LinkedIn account, and this writer's Box of Links.  The FSO tab on the left has been pulled down to reveal the LinkedIn and Box of Links tabs.  In this particular Box of Links, there are key words indicating the locations linked to particular 'boxes' of the link.  These links are:  FSO (Full Sail Online), WIMBA EMDT ETC classroom, Full Sail Email, and another MyListy - a location to put pertinent information regarding important dates, meetings, etc.   
Screenshot #3-iGoogle AR/CBL
Screenshot #3 contains the pulled down tab (on the left) for this writer's AR/CBL project.  Under the tab, one sees the following links:  Action Research Links (a Box of Links containing quick access to: My AR iWeb,,  Purdue Online,  EMDT AR Site,  Dr. Bedard's Example Site, and the APA Style Guide).  Additionally, this tab contains another My Listy link, a diigo search link, and another Box of Links for further one-click access to locations while on this page of the iWeb.
Screenshot #4-iGoogle ETC
Screenshot #4 contains this writer's ETC tab.  Once expanded, the tab reveals the following items: Blogger, Box of Links, My Listy, Google Reader, Flickr, Google Docs.  Located in the Box of Links are the following:  Go2Web20, Most Useful Web Tools, ETC Wiki, ETC Viddler Account, ETC Flickr Group, and FSO Online. 

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